About MDTeaShop

Disheartened by the lack of suitable choices, the founders of MDTeaShop decided to take matters into their own hands and leave an indelible mark on the tea industry. In collaboration with a seasoned master blender, they embarked on an exciting journey to curate an exclusive range of teas tailored to a diverse array of tastes and occasions. Their aspiration was to fashion teas that would provide daily delight for all.

As their teas gained a devoted following among tearoom patrons, it became abundantly clear that these treasures should not remain confined. Thus, the idea of an online store came to fruition, extending an invitation to tea lovers worldwide to partake in the pleasure of their exceptional blends. In response to burgeoning demand, they expanded their horizons, distributing teas to other cafes, restaurants, and hotels, ensuring that the enchantment of MDTea could be savoured by an ever-widening circle of tea enthusiasts.


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